Feel In Control, Have Peace Of Mind
 And Time To Relax
Before Your Baby Arrives

Baby Setup delivers across Australia the baby checklist, including all the baby products you will need and can trust for your newborn and the maternity products for the new Mum.


The Baby Setup box is delivered to your doorstep for around the same price it would cost you to do the shopping yourself, Baby Setup is making pregnancy easier.


We know first hand how difficult it is running around heavily pregnant gathering all those essential 'bits and pieces' on your baby checklist, before your baby arrives, so we take care of all the practical baby products you will need for the nursery as well as the maternity products you require for hospital.


Baby Setup caters for the pregnant mother who only wants to use "Organic" maternity and baby products or the pregnant mother who wants to stay with the trusted "Original" brands.


Baby Setup has a box for the "1st Time Pregnant Mum" and has especially designed a baby checklist for the "2nd Time Pregnant Mum".  We have also given you the option to custom design your own Baby Setup box.


After a lot of research, we have carefully selected the essential maternity and baby products and only include the brands you can trust.


When designing the Baby Setup box we were very conscious of pregnant couple's budgets and have only included the maternity and baby products you will use - there are no "extras", so you won't waste your money on items you will never use.

ORGANIC Baby Setup Products

Baby Setup has carefully compiled a maternity and baby checklist of trusted 'Organic' Maternity and Baby products (including the brands: Gaia, Nature's Child and Brauer) for pregnant couples and packages these beautiful essential items in the one box then delivers them to your door.


When your Baby Setup box is delivered you will have all the maternity and baby products you need for your hospital stay and you will be confident your nursery is going to run smoothly when you arrive home with your baby.  Baby Setup is making pregnancy easier.


You can choose from the "1st Time Mum" or the "2nd Time Mum" Baby Setup box.

ORIGINAL Baby Setup Products

The "Original Baby Setup" box delivers the maternity and baby checklist of well-established and trusted maternity and baby products (including the brands: Huggies, Pigeon and Stayfree) to your door saving you from the last minute running around.  Baby Setup is making pregnancy easier and it's affordable as it costs around the rrp to have it delivered.


When the Baby Setup box arrives you will be ready for your stay in hospital and feel in control when you arrive home with your new baby.


We have designed an 'Original' Baby Setup box for the pregnant "1st Time Mum" and one for the "2nd Time Mum" Baby Setup box.

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