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I started working in the radio industry when I was 16 years of age (for over 20 years), and when I was the Promotions & Marketing Director of the number one radio station in my city I fell pregnant with my first son.


At the latter stage of my pregnancy when I was on maternity leave, I found it difficult to physically get around to buy all those necessary "bit's and pieces" on my baby checklist. It was also a daunting task trying to guess the maternity and baby products I would need as well as choosing the brands I hoped I would be able to trust.


At the time (9 years ago) I wished there was a "Baby Setup" service, it was at this time "Baby Setup" was first conceived.


Two years later when I was pregnant with my second son, I realised I still needed the "Baby Setup" service I had desired with my first pregnancy (even though I was now an experienced mother), as it wasn't easy shopping heavily pregnant with a toddler.


After having my second son I started researching the market and realised there was nothing available like "Baby Setup" for expectant mothers and it was at this time "Baby Setup" was born.


My mission is to help every expectant mother and that's why I have made sure we only include on our baby checklists the maternity and baby products you can trust.  The Baby Setup box is delivered to your front door for around the same price it would cost you if you did the running around yourself.


The soul purpose of the business is to make life easier for expectant mothers at one of the most precious times in their life.  I am very passionate about "Baby Setup" as I know how much I needed this service.


Even though the business has grown, I am always available for my "Baby Setup" mothers; their family is part of my family.

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Tel: 0417 187 458

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