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July 1, 2013

I thought it would be best if you get to know me a little, as I feel more comfortable when I'm ordering online if I know the person behind the website. Hopefully after reading the below, it will give you an even better understanding why I started Baby Setup.


My Family Life...

I have been married 19 years and have been blessed to have a very supportive husband who is an incredible father. I am a proud mother of two sons, 'Preston' (9) and 'Lawson' (7).


It has been my goal as a parent for my children to believe, if they dream it; work for it and never give up (the word persistence is used daily in our home), they can achieve anything. We have taught them disappointments are unfortunately a part of life and that's the time to show your 'strength of character'; they know how important it is to be grateful especially for our health, loving family & friends, for our food, clothes and kind words.


From the first moment we looked into their beautiful eyes our aim has been to teach them to be kind, respectful, warm, independent, sincere, honest, considerate, loving with an inner strength so they can face whatever the world presents to them in their future. They know if they look us in our eyes and tell us they tried their best we can't ask for any more from them and we will be proud whatever their outcome. We have also taught them no one is perfect, we all make mistakes even Mum's and Dad's.


It's not an easy gig being a parent, though when you look at your children and think 'if they were an adult or if I was a child, I would want to hang out with them'; I feel you are doing something right. It hasn't been all smooth sailing to get to this point; it takes a lot of energy, love and some times second guessing yourself. However, I found myself looking out my kitchen window last week and I watched two little people (who weren't in the world 10 years ago) playing in their backyard, laughing and enjoying life... and all I thought was 'it's been worth absolutely every second.... I am so glad to be their Mother'


Freak Accident- 20 Years Old and Learning to Walk Again...

As you may already know my career has been in the radio industry, though what you may not know is back when I was 20 years old I was in a freak accident. I was sleeping in a tent on New Years Eve when my tent was run over and I was dragged under a car until the driver decided they couldn't drive over me and she ran from the car leaving me alone under it. I was conscious, I remembered the car revving on top of me, I did try to get free but couldn't, I did try to scream for help though one of my lungs was punctured so I had no voice... (Quite the story...)


Thankfully someone noticed the tent had gone and put one and one together and realised I was stuck under the car. He grabbed four men and they lifted the car off me and dragged me from under it.


Unfortunately there was only one ambulance at the event and it left moments before the accident to take someone who had broken their hand to hospital. So I had to wait a couple of hours until the next ambulance.


Once the ambulance arrived it took me to the nearest country hospital and when I was stabilized they flew me to the closest city hospital where I spent a lot of time in ICU as my injuries were significant. Once I left hospital I had to learn how to walk again.


This isn't a sad story as I think I am lucky!!!! I got a second chance at life and I have made the most of it and appreciate every day. I believe you can find positives out of the bleakest moments if you search for them, it may just be kindness of others (I was surrounded by love, support and kindness). Another positive that may have come from the accident is "Baby Setup"... it may have been the reason why I struggled to walk at the latter stages of my pregnancy (who really knows, I may have struggled anyway).


10 months after the accident I was lucky again as I met my future husband. He was born to be a father (he was very maternal), yet he knew there was the 'chance' I wouldn't be able to have children... even with that knowledge he did propose and we were married 18 months after we met.


Baby Setup...

After 9 years of marriage I was lucky again as we fell pregnant with our first son, I continued to work in radio until I struggled to walk. Like most couples I wanted to work for as long as possible as the thought of going onto one income was pretty scary. Once I left work I found it very difficult going from one shop to the next gathering all those 'bits & pieces' I needed for hospital and the essential products I would need for my nursery.


At the time I wished I could have given my 'list' to someone and pay them to do the shopping for me, I am the sort of person who doesn't like to ask for help/favors (even though I would do it for someone in a heart beat), I don't like to put people 'out'. So I physically struggled from one shop to the next until I ticked all the items off my list. It was at this time I wished there was a service like "Baby Setup", a service that took away all the 'guess work' and gave me time to relax before my baby was born.


To have a business I know helps women at their most vulnerable (yet such a special time) gives me so much happiness. I feel it's a privilege to be part of their lives and I get excited for every expectant mother I liaise with; I am just a Mum helping other Mum's and I feel very blessed to be doing something I love.



I love helping women and I have always felt helpless when it comes to helping women (our sisters) in developing countries as I have never known what I could do as one person to make a difference.


I'm sure I'm not the only one whose empathy runs so deeply that there are times I literally close my eyes or change channels on tv as I can't bare to see how others in the world are suffering. It is so unfair that what we as Australians can take for granted, others in the world aren't being given what I consider their basic human right...


With it always playing on my subconscious it was only after I had my first child I designed a business plan that would help Expectant Australian Mothers and in turn those Australian women (my Baby Setup Mum's) would be helping Expectant Mothers and their babies in developing countries have a better chance to survive.


That business idea nine years ago would become "Baby Setup".


Baby Setup's Social Commitment:

With Every Baby Setup box we sell,

Baby Setup donates a 'Birthing Kit'

through the Birthing Kit Foundation (Australia)


In developing countries it is estimated 385,000 women die annually in childbirth, many from infections acquired during childbirth, there is a great need for clean birthing kits.


The Birthing Kit Foundation (Australia) assist women who are either isolated or because of cultural choice or poor transport and these expectant mothers and babies have little or no assistance during childbirth. Many mothers and babies die from preventable infections. By providing a clean birthing kit and training in how to use it, these mothers and babies will have the resources to reduce infection, giving them a better chance to survive.


The Birthing Kit consists of:

A plastic sheet, soap, 2 gloves, sterile scalpel blade, 3 cords and 5 gauze squares.


If you want to know more about the Birthing Kit Foundation (Australia) visit their website:


As Margaret Mead once said:

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed it is the only thing that ever does."




"Who are we as Human Beings... if we ignore the suffering of others?" anon.




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The Person Behind Baby Setup | Baby Setup

July 1, 2013

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