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August 1, 2013

Everyone's "moment" is different and I am guessing for most it isn't exactly how we imagined.


I had just waved goodbye to my parents on 'Mothers Day' after having them over for lunch, when I decided to take 'the test'.  Yes, that's right.  I found out I was going to be a mother for the first time on 'Mothers Day'.  It was perfect, I couldn't have scripted it any better!


After reading the pregnancy stick, my husband and I experienced many emotions, we were excited, grateful, scared, nervous and overwhelmed. We knew logically our lives were about to change in a huge way, though we had no idea what was ahead of us - our future was out of our control.  We had all of a sudden started loving someone we hadn't met and were considering this 'little one' before we made any decision.


Once my husband and I accepted the reality that, 'no one is in total control of their future' and 'no one knows what's around the corner', we began to really enjoy the excitement of creating a little life.





1. Calculate Your Due Date


There are some great calculators online; these will give you a better idea of your due date.  Check out the pregnancy calculators below:

Pregnancy Due Date Calculator:BubHub

Pregnancy Due Date Calculator: Mum Zone


2. Enjoy The Moment


'This moment' is precious it doesn't happen very often, so really soak it up. You will go through a mixture of feelings, this is very normal so just go with the flow and remember, no one knows how to be a parent, we all learn along the way.


3. Your Birth Plan


Speak to your friends (who are parents) and decide on a birth plan that makes you feel comfortable. It is a very personal choice, we all have different personalities, beliefs, weaknesses and strengths. You and your baby are the most important people in your decision making, so go with a plan that makes you feel most relaxed and confident.


There are many options: hospital birth, birthing centers, home birth, water birth, c-section, natural, drug free etc.


Just keep in mind some times the best laid plans can go awry at the last minute so go into this journey being flexible, as the priority is for you and your baby to be healthy.


Make an appointment as soon as possible with a well respected/highly recommended midwife or obstetrician. When you make your appointment let the receptionist know your due date as I found my 'first choice' obstetrician had a holiday booked. To be honest I was really disappointed at the time as I had met her years prior and I knew if I ever fell pregnant I wanted her to be my doctor. The good news is, we were very happy with the obstetrician we had for our first baby and we returned to her for our second pregnancy.


4. Take Photos


Take lots of photos, start with the pregnancy stick! I have seen some wonderful video's/photos and I wish I had set a time aside every week as I only have a few pregnancy photos.  At times you won't feel like having them taken, though trust me years down the track you will want to reflect on this time of your life and you will want to show your children.


5. Announcing Your Pregnancy


This is one of those REALLY special moments! The moment when you tell your loved ones they are going to be Grandparents, an Uncle or Aunty and in my case a Great Grandparent. You can have a lot of fun with your announcement, it is a moment you will never forget so put some thought into the way you deliver the exciting news.


We announced our pregnancy to my parents on my Mothers birthday by giving her a 'Happy Birthday Nana' card.  At first she thought I hadn't read the card properly when I bought it, and then it 'clicked'.  You can imagine her reaction after my husband and I had been married for nine years, it was very loud and emotional!


6. Finding Out the Sex of Your Baby


If you haven't discussed it with your partner, it's probably time to see if you are both on the same page. Some people like to find out so they can be more organised and others like the surprise.


My only advice:  if you decide to find out though want to surprise everyone, tell people the truth; 'you know though you are keeping it a surprise'.


If you decide to tell people you don't know (even though you do), your good intention to make it more exciting and special for everyone, ends up making you feel like you are lying to the ones you love and it will take the sparkle off this special time.


7. Eating/Drinking


Hopefully you were drinking lots of water and eating healthy food prior to falling pregnant, if you weren't it's time to now. There are foods to avoid while you are pregnant as it could harm your baby, please read of the link below:

Foods to Avoid


Enjoy this special time of your life and if you are struggling with morning sickness, I feel for you as I also experienced it.  Check out the 'morning sickness (natural) remedies' link below, I hope one of the remedies help you.

Morning Sickness (Natural) Remedies




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