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September 1, 2013

Even prior to having children, my instinct has saved me from a few dangerous situations and the times I have been caught out; I have not listened to it.


Once I became a mother my instinct was heightened, there is a lot of pressure on a new mother, as we don't want to have people 'roll their eyes' and classify us as 'the paranoid/over protective/anxious first time Mum'


I knew in my heart I didn't rush my children to the GP over a sneeze. I know my faults and that isn't one of them, when I make a decision to go to the doctors I am very worried. If you know you are the same - don't care about other people's opinions, your role in life is to protect your children especially when they are vulnerable.


My mother’s instinct has saved both my children.  I remember calling the "Health Direct Line" while holding my 5 year old son, who was severely lethargic, his eyes were sunken and dark, he was extremely pale and I had to carry him. The "Health Direct Line' told me to spoon feed him water (I knew they couldn't see him so they were doing their best)... but there was something inside me screaming "THIS IS BAD... THIS IS REALLY BAD" (and of course the other voice saying "maybe you are being paranoid").... The voice telling me "this is really bad" won and I drove him to the nearest GP. While I was waiting in the waiting room, every part of my body was telling me to rush him to the children's hospital but there was that 'other voice' in my head that was doubting my instinct and it was telling me to stop over reacting, you are at the GP's it's going to be fine.


I eventually got into see a doctor who I had never met before and she told me she would write out a referral for him to have a chest xray. She mentioned because of the time of the day I probably will have to wait until tomorrow as they would be closing within minutes.


As I put my child into the car, I called the x-ray clinic and I told them I had an emergency on its way - a 5 year old child. When I walked in they told me I wouldn't get my results tonight; however they would do the x-ray. As I carried my son into the reception area to pay, the doctor who reads the x-rays rushed out and told me to rush my child to the children's hospital as he had double pneumonia and he was in a serious condition. They told me they would send the x-ray results to the children's hospital and they will be there before I arrive at the hospital.


My mother's instinct was 100% correct, I went against the 'Health Direct Line' advice, and I also went against the 'GP' advice. When every part of my body was telling me my child needs URGENT help I went with my instinct - and I'm so glad I did.


It's difficult standing up to professionals, when we aren't a medical specialist, though always remember no one knows your baby/child like you do and if you are concerned - always trust your Mothers Instinct.

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