STOP Judging START Supporting - Breastfeeding & Bottle feeding Mothers | Baby Setup

December 1, 2013

This isn't the typical "Breastfeeding v's Bottle feeding" Blog.


I know first hand how tough we are on ourselves as new mothers, so we don't need strangers and friends judging us as well.


I would guess most new mothers know breastfeeding is natural and it would be their first choice. Most mothers try to breastfeed and for many different reasons some mothers can't continue so they bottle feed.


I support all mothers, there are some women that find breastfeeding easy, however there are many who struggle.  I remember driving through a suburb close to my home (I know exactly where I was and it happened over 9 years ago) and I was sitting at a set of lights wondering 'why is it so difficult to breastfeed when all animals can naturally do it.. cat's, dog's etc - they don't need someone to help or teach them'.  It took me 6 weeks to the day to master breastfeeding, so for some it takes a lot of work.


When a mother decides she will bottle feed, it's not a light decision.  For many bottle feeding mothers they experience guilt and a sense of failure.  I wish I could just hug these new mothers and tell them, this is just one part of being a mother.


Motherhood for a newborn is making sure your baby is safe, being loved, fed, kept warm, clean and has a happy mother. If every baby was in this environment the world would be perfect in my eyes (and that happy world can happen for either a breast or bottle fed baby).


You may be wondering if I breast or bottle fed my babies;  to answer your question,  I breast fed my first baby for 11 months and my second baby for 9 months .... and you know what ... My friends who bottle fed their babies love their children as much as I love mine.


As women let's support each other for trying to be the best mother we can be.

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