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January 1, 2014

Some women are born to be mothers, some women are born to be business women and some want the best of both worlds.


I worked my way up the corporate ladder (like many women) and I had reached the goal I set for myself back when I was 16 years old. I was now the Promotions & Marketing Director at the number one radio station in my city.


I worked long hours, I would drive to the radio station most mornings in the dark and leave the office at the end of the day in the dark.  As my age ticked along I wondered how I was going to juggle a baby and my career. My husband and I toyed with the idea of him being "Mr Mum", though I had a feeling I would regret not being home with my baby.


For many years I would aimlessly search for the answer, though I never found it even though I bought quite a few books that promised me the answer; so I decided to leave it to the "universe".


Once I fell pregnant I worked for as long as I physically could and when I finished work, like all expectant mothers, I asked my friends for advice about what I would need for the nursery and hospital. I compiled my lists into one, and physically struggled going from one shop to another heavily pregnant gathering the many necessary little items. It was during this time I wished there was a service that took the ‘guess work’ out of setting up the nursery and also delivered all the products to my front door.


When our baby was only two weeks old we decided to go for a walk.  As we strolled to the river I was appreciating how much easier I found walking post pregnancy.  I looked at my husband pushing the pram and mentioned how I had struggled physically doing the last minute shopping for the nursery and hospital.  I said I had wished I could have given my list to someone (with the money) so they could have physically gone from one shop to the next for me.


It was at that moment I realized, there would be many women who need help at the latter stages of their pregnancy.  I wouldn't be the only one who struggled physically at the end of the pregnancy, there would also be the expectant mothers who work right up until the very end of their pregnancy - leaving them time poor; or the expectant mothers who go to hospital early and they haven't had a chance to do their final shopping and I also thought of all my friends who live in the country, they need to travel to the city to do their last minute shopping.


That's when I said to my husband... "I should start a service that helps expectant mothers, so they can relax those last few weeks of their pregnancy".


It played on my mind for a couple of years and when I was pregnant with my second son, I found even as an experienced mother I needed the service as it was difficult shopping heavily pregnant with a toddler.


"BOOM".... there was my answer ('Career v's Motherhood') and I needed to leave the radio world (my career) and have a baby before I would find my new career path.


After much research, "Baby Setup" was born.


When it comes to 'Career v's Motherhood', if you can lock in a contract with your current employer - FANTASTIC. Though if your circumstances are like mine and you don't know how you are going to juggle your career with a young family... just take a deep breath and trust it will work out.


We all logically know worrying isn't going to help (easier said than done), though believe me when I say 'it always works out.'  All of my friends were in a similar situation and it worked out for every one of them. Who knows you may have a business idea present itself - like I did, or someone may hear you are looking for part time work and to your surprise they contact you.


I feel privileged being part of my "Baby Setup" Mum's lives at such a special time and I love helping them when they need it the most. I'm literally on a high when the "Baby Setup" boxes go out as I know the difference it is going to make, they will be relieved to have all the beautiful baby products, feel more in control and will be able to relax.


I know it sounds silly, though I often visualize my clients opening their front door and then slowly unpacking their Baby Setup box... It gives me pure happiness.


My advice; just live in the moment and enjoy every second, as you never know what's around the corner. I hope you are as lucky as me and find something you love to do and feel like you are making a difference in people's lives.

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