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February 23, 2014

I am going to share a very personal and emotional story.... I don't like speaking about it though if it saves just one baby's life it will be worth me re-living one of my most haunting days....


My youngest son hit a milestone today, he doesn't need a booster seat anymore - believe me it's a BIG deal!


I feel so lucky to have him in my life and I love watching him learn/play and listening to him tell me about the important things happening in his world. Lawson and I have a very special relationship.... I find it difficult to articulate the depth of our bond.


Today on Lawson's birthday, I would like to take the opportunity to give you some advice...


If you are a new Parent, Grandparent, Aunty or Uncle I urge you to do an "Infant CPR" course.


When Lawson was 7 months old I was lucky to walk into his bedroom and lift him out of his cot at the right time; giving me the opportunity to start CPR on him.


I will never forget holding him, while frantically running out to the front yard screaming (a primal scream) for someone to help me because my baby was dead....


There was no one around.... And I realised it was up to me!


I remember laying him on the grass under my bedroom window and having enough time to look up at the sky and think "thank goodness I took the Infant CPR course, because whatever happens I've done my best".....


I started CPR and got him back to life, so he could be rushed to hospital where they did an emergency lumbar puncture.


Lawson doesn't know "our/his story", I will tell him one day when he is old enough to handle it....


Lawson is here for a reason and is a beautiful, healthy 7 year old boy.


I feel grateful every day for my Lawson and for taking the "Infant CPR" course through St John Ambulance two and a half years before I had to use it. As I know life would be very different today if I hadn't done the course and I would be living with regret and guilt for the rest of my life.

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