Mums Learn from My Mistake - Get In Front Of The Camera! | Baby Setup

July 20, 2014

A couple of months ago I was asked to submit a photo of my children and I, as it was to be published on a website to celebrate mothers in business. I was given a couple of hours notice (the hours my children were at school) so I found myself frantically scrolling through photos when all of a sudden I realised I had taken many photos of my children with my husband over the years, however there were no photos of me with my two boys.


The situation I found myself in was through no fault of my husband, as I started to recall the amount of times I had rejected photo opportunities, always thinking 'next time'.  At those times, I might not have had my makeup on or I wasn't wearing something flattering; whatever the reason, it comes down to the fact I don't believe I have a photogenic bone in my body.


As much as I don't like myself in photos, while I was searching I felt a real loss, as the years literally passed in front of me I just wanted to find a couple of unflattering photos of me with my boys.  It took that moment of desperately looking for a photo to realise I had done a disservice to my children and my future grandchildren.  My sons are now 7 & 9 years old and I had almost lost a decade of memories of me laughing, eating, singing, pulling stupid faces and loving my boys.


Unfortunately the ONLY two photos I had of my boys and I were taken pre and post a half marathon!  Now they weren't flattering photos - I'm sure over the years there would have been better ones (even with a double chin) if I had only been in front of the camera. 


Mums, learn from my mistake and get in front of the camera, who cares what you look like, it's about the love in your eyes and smiles on your children's faces.

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