Trump's Win - Meant Taking Control Of My Children's Anxiety About Our Future...


It's a moment in history I will never forget....


As a parent of two beautiful sons, my husband and I have tailored our parenting so our boys have an inner strength to face the world.  It has also been our goal they both walk this land respecting all; women, men, animals, nationalities, religions, the environment, money, charities, the lonely, the disabled, the young and the elderly.


Our sons are at an impressionable age (9 & 11) and they have been following the U.S. Election.  At times I have wanted to shelter them, if it was a movie I would have turned it off and said it wasn't appropriate for them.  However this is their future, it's politics, it's international news, it should be something our children should be able to watch.  As a parent you would hope it would motivate and inspire them to work harder at school and dream big as they watch candidates get closer to reaching their dreams.


However, they have seen Trump at his worst (or is that just the real Trump) and in disbelief my children have questioned many times how a man could potentially become the President of America, when he doesn't have self control (he speaks and tweets before he thinks) and doesn't show the important virtue of respect. At times Trump has shown he is a bully and his behavior shows the exact opposite characteristics of a gentleman.


I worked from home today as my 11 year old son recovers from a cold.  He has been glued to the television watching the 2016 Presidential Election and has been keeping me up to date with the voting stats.


I noticed a change in his voice as Trump started to lead; I heard fear, anxiety and confusion in his tone as he questioned how someone who displayed such bad behavior could lead.  He worried about how Trump's own party wouldn't allow him to use his Twitter account because they didn't trust his posts, yet America would give him the code to nuclear power.


These concerns are also mine, however this afternoon I found myself desperately struggling to find reasons to put my son's fears to rest.  I want both my sons to enjoy the innocence of being children, I don't want them to have the weight of the world on their shoulders.


Today I empathise with parents of daughters, as I can imagine how they will struggle to explain how a misogynist could become President of the United States; especially when a more qualified woman was defeated by him.  Don't get me wrong, I don't think Clinton is perfect, though I'm in disbelief as I watch Donald Trump on stage right now as he takes the podium.  His behaviour especially to women isn't okay and shouldn't be rewarded by being given the most powerful job in America.


It is an interesting moment in time as I put my own personal thoughts/fears aside to sell Trump to my sons.  I'm doing this because of my love for them and the need as a mother to protect, by giving them peace of mind.  My goal this afternoon is to see the fear leave their face and for it to be replaced with carefree happiness.


America I want you to know your vote (or lack of vote) has affected my little family in Australia, Perth (the most isolated city in the world), even before your new President steps into the oval office for his first day on the job.


I won't let today alter my parenting style, I will continue to expect good manners, kindness, respect, thoughtfulness and honesty.  Today it is even more obvious to me we need more people in the world with those traits; mostly so we have people with those virtues as an option when we vote for future world leaders.



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