What's Left To Do?

For first time parents it is an exciting time, though it can be a little overwhelming.  The two big questions you tend to ask yourself are:


1.  What Do I need?

2.  How much is it going to cost?


The reassuring news is most of us didn't have any idea how to setup a nursery for our first born, so relax because we all 'make it happen'.


When it comes to cost, the nursery can be extravagant or catered to a tight budget.  A baby's needs are pretty simple, they need to be warm, safe, loved, fed and clean.


Once you have ordered your Baby Setup box there are a few more items you need to purchase they are as follows:

The Nursery

Bassinette / Cradle - I borrowed one from a friend as my babies didn't use it for very long before they moved into the cot.


Change Table - check to make sure it's the correct height for you. I'm quite short and I didn't really consider how high it was when I purchased one and found I was on my tip toes at times.


Change Mat


Cot & Mattress


Chest of Drawers / Tallboy

Out and About

Pram / Stroller - I had three prams; quiet an expensive process of errors.  I wish I had have thought of the below before buying my first pram.

*  Is it too wide to go through a checkout?

*  How easy is it to fit into my boot?

*  How heavy is it to lift?

*  When I have my second child is there a skateboard/second seat that can be attached.

*  How difficult is it to fold down and put up?


Baby Bag - Consider the size, my first bag was too big, if I filled it up and hung it on the handle of my pram, it tipped my pram backwards.  I thought it made sense to have a large bag and I was wrong.  You realise after a couple of outtings you only need a few basics to fit into your baby bag.  Bigger isn't better when it comes to Baby Bags.

Car Seat - Get a professional to fit it, contact Kidsafe

The Car


Breast Pump - If you are breastfeeding and you would like to use a breast pump, you have two options.  The Manual breast pump (it's the less expensive option), or the electric breast pump.


Don't buy too many clothes as you will receive a lot as baby gifts. My babies grew quicker than it was physically possible for them to wear most pieces more than twice.


Also don't save pieces for 'only good', as they will grow out of it before they get the right opportunity to wear your favorite outfit

Maternity Under pants

My advice on this delicate subject...


*  Large

*  Cheap

*  Dark Colour (if possible)


You probably won't be keeping them - so don't spend a lot of money on them.

Infant CPR

Baby Setup recommends all expectant parents and grandparents learn Child/Infant CPR and proudly promotes St John Ambulance Australia - Child Resuscitation Awareness Course.  You will never regret having this life saving knowledge.

Baby Monitor

It is true, our mothers didn't need one and we turned out okay, however I found it very handy and definitely received my money's worth from mine.


I slept more soundly as I didn't have to keep an 'ear out' as the monitor would wake me if our baby stirred.  I continued to use the monitor even when my children were out of their cot. It is reassuring at night to know I will be with my children within minutes if they are sick.


I love the idea of being able to see my baby and if my budget had allowed I would have bought one, however I had the baby monitor with movement pads and sound.

Baby Bath

I borrowed a baby bath and used it only once as I found it difficult to empty.  I didn't think I would ever bath my precious baby in the laundry sink, though after making sure it was spotless I found it a lot easier to maintain the water temp and to empty.  If you would like to have a baby bath, borrow one.


Maternity Bra

For many a expectant mothers, they need to buy a maternity bra at about 16 weeks and they are comfortable for your changing breasts. If you plan to have more than one child buy four bra's as you will use them for your second pregnancy.


You will be wear your maternity bra for as long as you breastfeed, some women wear them at night as they feel more comfortable sleeping with breast pads. 


Some lactation consultants recommend against underwire bras for nursing mothers. The concern is the rigid wire will put pressure on the breast and lead to blocked milk ducts. However, there are now nursing bras made with flexible plastic support, similar to an underwire.

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